You had an accident?

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Someone damaged your car...

…in or around Mönchengladbach and you’re not sure what to do now?

Our services

  • We will guide you through the entire process including the determination of the opponents insurance and sending the relevant documents to them for further processing. We will answer all your questions in advance.
  • It doesn’t matter if your car is registered in Germany or in a foreign country, the right of the country in which the accident happened applies. Most of the times it is the easiest way to instruct an automotive expert from germany with determining the amount of damage and getting the process started.
  • By german law you have the free choice of an automotive expert who creates a report about your damaged car, this process is paid by the insurance of the opponent.
  • You also have the right to mandate a lawyer of your choice to support you in comunicating with the insurance and to guide you through the whole process. The lawyer is also paid by the insurance. Thanks to our cooperation with competent lawyers, we can give you a good recommendation.
  • You have the free decision if you want your car to be repaired in a shop of your choice or if you want a financial compensation.
  • Give us a call or a „Whatsapp-message“, make an appointment with us and we will initiate all further steps. 100% free of charge!
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